Cold Calling in the Age of COVID-19

Cold Calling Covid-19

We’re still tallying all the effects COVID-19 has had on the workplace and adjusting to this new normal. With many people working from home, those of us in sales have seen one curious development: it might be the first time in the long history of sales that a potential customer is looking forward to your cold call.

Maybe you’ve noticed this and speculated about the reasons:

–Fewer distractions. The lack of conversation at the water-cooler, as much as I miss it, has made me more productive. I have time to talk.

–More focused. With fewer distractions–it’s quiet here–I’m definitely more focused.

–More productive. I’m getting more done in less time. That’s freed up time to think about big picture items in my job and business. I’m more contemplative. I’ll listen.

–Craving the human touch. The home office is nice. Did I mention it’s quiet? Too quiet sometimes. I’ll take that call.

There are really no new barriers to getting good cold calling results.

The gatekeepers are still manning the phones. They still may not patch you through. Nothing new there.

What is new is the office phone of your prospect may be auto-forwarded to his/her mobile phone.

Good intel–the right contact info–will get you through. This is a great time to perfect your cold call technique and update your talking points. Your prospects are ready to talk.

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Written by: The A9 Team

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